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Skull And Crossbones Clip Art

Clip art makes for great eye candy. It is simple, yet highly expressive. We decided to contribute to the internet's vast collection of clipart by creating our own selection of free skull clip art images. These images were created in Adobe Photoshop using a variety of techniques.

Each clip art image is a GIF file, which makes it a small file. Also, since the file is a GIF, there is no background behind the skulls. In other words, you don't have to worry about a colored background appearing when you use these images on a website. Having no background color is good because it makes the images blend better with your site.

Take a look at these awesome skull clipart images. They are free for you! Use them on your websites, flyers, and documents! Please read the following conditions before using these cartoon pictures:

The clip art images on this site are copyrighted by These clipart pictures are free to use for non-commercial uses only.

These clipart pics can not be added to other clipart collections.

Please link to if you are using these skull clipart pics on a website. Use the following code on your site to link to Rotten Toons:

<a href="">Horror Cartoons & Skull Logos</a>

Contact Rotten Toons if you have any questions about the clipart or

**In order to save a picture, simply right-click on it and press "Save image as..."

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red flaming skull clipart

tribal skull clipart

blue flaming skull clipart

skull crossbones clipart

red skull crossbones clipart

inverted skull clipart

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We will be adding some more free skull clip art shortly. Check back for more updates!